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Therapy for a Wide Variety of Issues

Warwick Hypnotherapy, located at The Bridge Therapy Centre in Coventry offers a range of natural, alternative and complementary therapies to suit a wide variety of issues. Treatments are carried out by highly trained professionals, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their chosen fields.

The Bridge Therapy Centre was established in 2005 and is conveniently positioned in Earlsdon High Street above the shops. The Centre's location provides you with a tranquil and relaxing environment that is not only therapeutic, but also enhances your experience and enjoyment.

Benefits to you

When you come to The Bridge Therapy Centre in Coventry, you can be assured that you will be getting the best possible care, as all of our practitioners are specially selected for their chosen fields of expertise. The natural calming environment that The Bridge Therapy Centre provides will not only enhance your experience, but it will also help aid your Therapy Treatments and therefore maximise the benefits.

Call Warwick Hypnotherapy at The Bridge Therapy Centre Today on 02476 711 184.
All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. Any of our therapists will be happy to discuss your needs with you. Please phone for a free ten minute consultation. There is somebody available to take your call Monday to Sunday, 9 to 7. At other times, please leave your name, phone number and mention the therapy in which you are interested on the 24 hour answer phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also available: Healing development groups, meditation group, mp3 downloads, CDs and gift vouchers.

Hypnotherapy is the practice of promoting positive development and healing

It is an altered state of awareness, which enables patterns of behaviour to be reprogrammed in our subconscious.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a state where you can be made to do something you don’t want to. Nor is it a state of deep sleep. This is quite simply a myth, and one which stage hypnotists help to encourage. Quite simply, hypnotherapy aims to reprogramme the mind to help overcome negative thoughts, replace phobic responses, overcome suppressed emotions and irrational fears.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, one in which you remain relaxed while your mind becomes highly focused. It is a normal state that we go into many times a day. The client who is hypnotised can break away from the hypnotic state at any time and open their eyes and leave the room, if they wanted or needed to.

However, it remains a highly focused state where you are more alert and very safe and in which suggestions can be made to help make a positive change. In this trance-like condition, you are concentrating on the hypnotherapist’s voice and as your conscious mind is suppressed, your subconscious mind is opened. Hypnotherapy is not about the client being made to do something – quite the opposite. It is about empowering you so that you can change and grow. Many clients experience time distortion and express that the perceived time is much shorter than the real time, not dissimilar to our experience outside of hypnosis. When one is waiting for a pleasant experience to come about the perceived time seems to drag, while on the other hand when experiencing a pleasant experience time seems to rush by. One of the most important aspects of the client/therapist relationship is empathy and rapport. Without either, the client may resist change. Our therapists focus on empathy and rapport building before ever considering any hypnosis, as this is paramount to successful treatment.

Thankfully the days of hypnosis being linked with swinging watches and being able to control your mind are long gone. So if someone tells you they robbed a bank because they were hypnotised, you know they were not being honest with you! Of course, the biggest myth surrounding hypnosis is that in the hypnotic state you can be made to do things against your will. How many of you have seen a stage hypnotist show purporting to show this in action?

The stage hypnotist will use techniques to extract people from the audience who wish to comply and who have a desire to be extrovert. The hypnotist may ask the audience to clasp their hands and imagine that they are glued together. The hypnotist then suggests they can't separate them. It is the compliant members of the audience who can't separate them, thereby giving unconscious permission to the hypnotist to bring them on to the stage and perform more entertaining feats for his guests. This is NOT a technique used in hypnotherapy.

Some if the issues we treat

Hypnotherapy can be applied to help ease or solve an endless list of ailments, problems or issues, and if you're wondering whether hypnotherapy can help you, then the answer is almost certainly yes.

achieve your potential
anti ageing
approaching women
anger management
be more attractive to men
be more attractive to women
become popular
binge drinking
cancer treatment
cannabis addiction
cervical dystonia
child anxiety
children’s issues
chocolate addiction
classroom fears
communication skills
confidence issues
controlling emotions
conversation starting
creativity boost
crohn’s disease
deal with difficult people
develop optimism
emotional intelligence
energy booster
exam fears
excessive sweating
exercise motivation
facial tics
fear of abandonment
fear of ageing for women
fear of authority
fear of bees and wasps
fear of birds
fear of bridges
fear of cancer
fear of cats
fear of change
fear of confrontation
fear of crowds
fear of the dark
fear of death
fear of dentistry
fear of dining out
fear of doctors
fear of dogs
fear of driving
fear of elevators
fear of failure
fear of flying
fear of general anesthesia
fear of germs
fear of going crazy
fear of a heart attack
fear of heights
fear of hospitals
fear of leaving home
fear of needles
fear of noise (acousticophobia)
fear of numbers
fear of others vomiting
fear of the phone
fear of photography
fear of poverty
fear of public speaking
fear of sharks
fear of snakes
fear of success
fear of terrorism
fear of thunder
fear of travel
fear of violence
fear of vomiting
fear of water
feel attractive
fertility & conception
flirting confidence
food & weight issues
gambling addiction
get organised
globus hystericus
grief and loss
guided meditation
gum chewing
hair loss
health issues
improving concentration
impulse buying
increase libido - female
increase libido - male
insecurity in relationships
instant self hypnosis
internet addiction
interpersonal skills
job skills
learn fast
let go of the past
lip biting
live longer
memory problems
musicians & singers nerves
nail biting
nervous laughter
nervous passenger
nose picking
non-surgical face lift
pain management
parenting skills
perfect body
personal development
personal finance
personal fitness
personal productivity
personal skills
panic attacks
pornography addiction
positive thinking
post traumatic stress
pregnancy and childbirth
premature ejaculation
pre-menstrual syndrome
quiet mind
relaxation techniques
remember what you read
self discipline
self motivation
self sabotage
sexual enhancement - female
sexual enhancement - male
sexual issues
shopping addiction
skin picking
social issues
speaking clearly
speed reading
sports performance
stage fright
stop negative thoughts
stop smoking
tension headaches
thinking skills
troubled childhood
unfamiliar surroundings
virtual gastric band
wedding nerves
weight loss
what others think
workplace wellbeing
writer's block

Success Stories

Childhood Obesity No Longer a Problem for Hamid

Childhood Obesity No Longer a Problem for Hamid

Childhood obesity is now rising to epidemic proportions in many developed countries across the world.
The World Health Organisation has called it ‘one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century’.

Hamid, 16, had struggled with his weight for much of his young life. He says, like many other children his age, he just ate ‘anything and everything’ and spent ‘half his time on computer games and the other half eating.’Added to this he freely admits he took no exercise at all. All of this took its physical and emotional toll on him.

At school life was made especially difficult for Hamid as his so-called ‘friends’ made fun of him, thinking that they could say anything to him, because he was overweight. Of course this had terrible emotional consequences for Hamid and he says he felt ‘emotionally hurt at first and then just numb’ as the taunts just became part of his everyday life experience. Physically, he couldn’t join in either as his ankles and feet hurt much of the time, leading to even greater isolation and unhappiness.

His mother just couldn’t stand by and watch this happen to her son. After trying everything with no real effects, she happened to read about the amazing weight loss results that the hypnotherapist Russell Hemmings was achieving with his revolutionary approach to dealing with the issue. Believing that this offered Hamid a real opportunity to transform himself, she made an appointment to see Russell at the clinic. Hamid attended four, two-hour sessions that focused on hypnotherapy for healthy eating and weight loss.

The results speak for themselves. Hamid has lost an amazing 20kg+ and he is so much healthier and happier. Now he makes the right food choices and after losing all of that weight is able to participate in regular exercise. He has turned from a self-conscious unhappy boy into a confident young man who is focused on a successful future.

How I fought anxiety and panic attacks with hypnotherapy

How I fought anxiety and panic attacks with hypnotherapy

For 12 years Karen Venables suffered with panic attacks and agoraphobia.

The 43-year-old piano teacher from Coventry was almost housebound because she was so worried about having a panic attack while she was out and not being able to deal with it. So she just didn’t go out.

Then one day her husband came to the clinic to ask if I could help – she couldn’t come herself.

A few treatments on and Karen is making huge progress – so much so that she wants to share her story with the aim of helping anyone else who might be suffering and thinking there is no way out – just as she did.

“I have suffered anxiety and panic attacks for 12 years. I was going out less and less and was becoming agoraphobic. But it was all gradual, and over time I was doing less and less and becoming more and more reluctant to go out. It was depressing and I got quite frustrated. I tried acupuncture to help and that did help for a while, but then I got worse again and I knew it wasn’t going to cure me. To be honest it was easy for me not to go out being a piano teacher. There was no incentive for me to get better as I was working and earning an income. But over time I totally lost my confidence and I was frightened about going out in case I had a panic attack and couldn’t get home. It was just easier to stay in.

At the end of October I started seeing Russell. In fact, he came to me! We chatted about what bothered me, what set my panic attacks off. And to be honest, the fact that Russell has been through it too and knows exactly what he’s talking about really helped and gave me confidence that actually, yes he would be able to help me. Right from the beginning I knew it was going to work for me. I still have a way to go but I am definitely moving forward; I can feel the progression. The more things I do the more confident I get. I have been to the hairdressers; something I would never have done before. It’s these little milestones that I know mean I’m getting better. I liked the fact that it wasn’t just one approach with Russell. It’s a bit of coaching, some hypnosis, training me how to think, giving me exercises. He wants to really know you before looking for a way to help. And also the fact that he has experienced this exact problem helps. The fact that he really knows what panic attacks and anxiety feel like – and is now cured of them – made me think, well it must work because it’s worked for him! There was a time I never thought I would get over this. But you have to be ready to be cured. It is a big step to take but you really have nothing to lose. It will take you out of your comfort zone so it is hard, but I found Russ so supportive. I still have some way to go but I am really positive and my confidence is building. I have skills in place now to deal with my anxiety.

I’ve been going into Earlsdon on my own – I haven’t done that for years. But I know now that I can do it.”

Kelly Webster: Back in the saddle

Kelly Webster: Back in the saddle

Crushed under the weight of two horses, professional rider Kelly Webster didn’t think she would ever have the confidence to ride again – until she found an unusual cure.

When professional horse rider Kelly Webster was thrown from her horse in a freak riding accident, which nearly killed her, she thought she would never be able to climb back in the saddle again. Kelly, 34, who rides and trains horses in England, was crushed under two of the animals, and onlookers thought there was no way she would survive the terrible accident. Luckily, a body protector saved her from more serious injury – but her confidence was shattered.

Kelly, who has worked with horses for 14 years, says, “I have been around them since I was a teenager and have worked with them since the age of 20. But after that accident I honestly thought my career was over; the trauma was so great I just couldn’t face riding again. “The thought of getting back on a horse made me feel sick and anxious… I have ridden horses all my life and had many accidents and falls over the years, but this was something else. This was just too close for comfort.”

Kelly’s job entails exercising racehorses between events to keep up their fitness and she works out three or four horses every morning in her hometown of Newmarket. “On the morning of the accident two years ago, I was riding with another trainer along a main road in town. Racehorses have their own pavement, or ‘horse walk’, here and I was riding my horse behind my colleague.

“I looked over my shoulder and made out a ‘loose’ horse [a riderless horse] behind us. I remember not really thinking much about it as the horse was quite a way behind, but the next thing I knew, it crashed into the back of my horse at full speed and sent me flying. “I don’t recall much about what happened next, but from piecing it together afterwards, it seems my horse smashed into the back of my colleague’s mount and then I knocked heads with my horse as it threw its neck back and I fell unconscious. The loose horse and mine fell on me.

“When I woke up, I was face down on a muddy pavement with two horses scrambling madly to get up off me.” Kelly later discovered that the loose horse had smashed through a wooden fence and in doing so its saddle had slipped under its belly. This is something which, she said, can make a horse go crazy and out of control. “There were builders working opposite and they called the ambulance straight away,” Kelly recalls. “I had a couple of broken ribs and some bleeding. The only thing that saved me that day was my body protector, which is pretty much like a bullet-proof vest.

“I was really shaken up… I knew it was a freak accident and would probably never happen again, but still I couldn’t face getting back in the saddle.” In time, Kelly recovered from the physical injuries, but not the emotional effects. “Horses can sense fear and I knew I would be a danger to myself. But the thought of never working with horses or riding again made me determined to do something about it. I didn’t want this for myself. “Then a friend told me about hypnotherapist Russell Hemmings and suggested I give him a call.

I was really sceptical at first. I wasn’t sure he could help me at all. But after the first session I felt great and completely relaxed. “I kept listening to the CD [which had soothing music and motivational talks] he’d given me and I remained hopeful. Then a couple of weeks later, after my second session, Russell suggested we go to the stables together to see how far I had come. “We went to the paddock and right there and then I knew my anxiety had reduced.

Of course, his being there was reassuring and he kept talking and motivating me and made sure I was always comfortable. And I realised that something really had changed in me; my confidence was back and I felt so much calmer. I just couldn’t believe it! “I do not know how he did it, but I no longer gave it a second thought. “All the anxiety and stress has gone; all the tension and thoughts about the accident. I just felt like I could cope once again and be back to my old self. “And, the best thing of all, it means I’m back doing the job that I love.”

How Kelly was cured

Clinical hypnotherapist Russell Hemmings says, “It is inevitable that some of us will experience stresses, strains and accidents at some time in our lives. For most of us, recovery will be a natural process which occurs over time, without the need for further help. But for others, certain traumatic and frightening events can trigger a reaction which can last for months, or even years.

Known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it manifests both physically and psychologically and is thought to occur in around 30 per cent of individuals who experience a traumatic event. “With hypnotherapy, we can use a combination of therapies to remove or reduce the negative thoughts and behaviours surrounding the event. Clients learn to reframe their experience in a way that will help them.

If we avoid situations or stimuli that frighten us, we can also develop a phobia, and Kelly had a combination of PTSD and her anxiety had developed into a phobia.” A number of other disorders can be treated using this approach including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress reduction and addictions.

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